At Jessop Street Dental Practice, prevention of dental disease is our priority and we try to educate
and empower all of our patients to take control of their oral health in order that they can keep
healthy teeth and gums for life.

There are several oral diseases that are affected by lifestyle and habits, medical conditions and environmental factors. Small changes can have enormous effect on the prognosis for your long-term oral health. Please read below about the various oral problems that we see.

In brief, we advise all our patients to:
• Brush your teeth twice daily for two to three minutes using a fluoride toothpaste
• Clean between all of your teeth daily using dental floss or interdental brushes
• Eat a balanced diet low in refined sugars. Avoid snacking on sugary foods between meals
• If you smoke- contact your GP for specialist smoking cessation advice
• Avoid acidic foods and beverages, which will erode away the surface of your teeth
• Keep alcohol consumption within recommended limits
• When playing contact sports, wear a custom-made mouthguard
• Visit your dentist regularly at the recall period recommended by your dentist