Dr Paul Conroy would be happy to make you a custom-made mouthguard, which will fit your mouth exactly and protect your teeth and gums properly. Custom-made mouthguards can prevent damage to the jaw, neck and even the brain – helping to prevent the concussion and damage caused by a heavy blow.

Since January 1st 2013, it has been mandatory for players in age grades up to and including minor to wear a mouthguard in all Gaelic football practice sessions and games. From January 1st 2014, this rule will apply to Gaelic footballers in all age grades.

• Gaelic footballers in all age grades must wear a mouthguard from January 1st 2014
• It is the responsibility of each individual player to use a mouthguard
• A properly fitted mouthguard is the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries
• Players can be sent-off in a game for not wearing a mouthguard
• Players will not be covered under the GAA player injury scheme if they don’t comply with the mouthguard rule
• No Mouthguard? No Game!

Read the GAA’s Press Release on the mandatory use of Mouthguards here

Pre-formed rigid mouth guards offer very little protection and are uncomfortable to wear. We wouldn’t recommend using this type. Customised gumshields offer the best protection. A well-fitted sports guard made by Jessop Street Dental Practice is what people should be opting for. We take a mould of your teeth and make a perfect fitting professional mouthguard in our own in-house laboratory.