Gum Disease

Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease and is a major cause of tooth loss if it remains untreated. The problem begins with bacteria causing inflammation in the region where the tooth is surrounded by the gums. This is called gingivitis and occurs if the oral hygiene is not sufficient. If the problem persists and there is no improvement in the oral hygiene it can lead to progression of gum disease. The symptoms include bleeding gums during tooth brushing, red swollen gums, mobile teeth, drifting teeth and bad breath.

Our dental hygenists have the skill and expertise to help you to gradually reduce the risk of gum disease through scaling and polishing problem areas.

Hygenists take appointments for private & PRSI patients ONLY

**You are welcome to contact reception with your PPS number and date of birth and we can check if you are qualified for benefit towards the above**

Tartar, calculus                      Ultrasonic cleaning

Patient with tobacco stained teeth                      After a scale & polish